Tuesday, October 9, 2007
Greetings & Welcome.
Ok, lets begin with something fresh ya. Nothing much happened today. It all started as usual..DAMN SUPER boring earlier today. Online at home doing nothing till nite, when i was chatting with some of my friends, suddenly MayPin nudged me. Asking me whether i wants to join her to Pantai Puteri, somewhere further down Klebang (typical Msia seaside) coz Tokyo, Sheldon, Ariff & Emile were there camping. The journey was quite far actually..then when we reached there, me & MayPin saw Tokyo was wiping his bald head as it was drizzling..lolz! We went to meet them after that n had FUN there. Eventually, they were barbecuing there. Then MayPin said she was not feeling well and we decided to set up a homemade shelter and just lepak there. Not long after the shelter was done, Ariff K.O straight. haha... then we took many pic that i can't show you guys 1st as MayPin is sleeping now. The camera is with her. Back to the topic..we continue wit the barbecue and Sheldon is chef of the day. Me and Tokyo were doing the fanning. Guess what..? Sheldon is good at grilling guys.. the chicken wings he did was great. Sedap sehingga menjilat kuku..haha! but there were sands on the wings..it's common coz we were doing it at the beach. After eating, Tokyo played wit the burning charcoal n said "the pasir now sure rangup wan" hahaha ! Then, we continue the camwhore part. MayPin always wana be in the pic and I'm the 1 that substituted her by being the cameraman. Damn~! Anyways, it was a great nite out. As it was getting dark, me and MayPin have to leave coz she has to go back early as her exam is at 9:00 a.m. the next morning. Too bad, we left. Leaving them behind doing all the clearings and whatever. When I reached home, I was doing the my daily routine. ONLINE! As I was checking my friendster and chatting wit few friends, Sheldon seemed to appear offline and asked me out for a drink. I went to pick him and meet up with Tokyo, Ariff & Emile. We chillax at the mamak until Ariff showed me this pic taken by his cellphone. Guess what guys..this pic was taken around 8 something before me and Maypin arrived..

Here it is...
After looking at this pic,(look closely at the white figure) I was like..WAH..CHEEEBUYYY~!! Then, Ariff cracked a joke out of the word that i just said. Damn you Ariff !! Not long after that, me and Sheldon had goosebumps on our arms..It was not a good time to see this kinda pic.and it was 3 something in the morning!! Until now..that figure is still running freshly in my head. I was so damn scared to drive back alone and Emile, with no mercy, left me driving home alone! I will remember you for that Emile! So folks, don't simply take pix at nite...please..thank you and good nite!
posted by sillycasey at 10/09/2007