Saturday, November 1, 2008
Listen to my craps of last Thursday. Van told me to go to Carl's Jr. to meet her at about 9p.m. I think.isit? Anyway,I walked all the way from Times Square to Pavilion to meet her and Kyra. After sitting down for not even a minute, both of them wants to refill their iced lemon tea. I'm their 'kuli' for that day. I refilled the wrong drink for them.haha...guess what? I refilled iced tea instead of iced lemon tea. Van notice that after drinking and she was like "It taste more like Teh O Ice leh" and stare at me..hahaha..EAT THAT,Van! I didn't do that on purpose seriously until she tasted it. Lolz! After that, we went to Starbucks to smoke. I was being ordered again. This time, to buy a drink for myself so that they won't feel that shy to tumpang ppl's place. Damn you, Van! Then she continues craping bout Black Label, Heineken and stuffs like dat. Mostly bout her job. Guess what AGAIN this time? She saw Chocolatesssss! Not a normal Cadbury choco or watever. She saw Chocolate Lounge. Just 1 floor up. Then she and Kyra pleased me to join them.haha..I was forced actually.

But I didn't regret at all when we reached there. Do you know why? Seeeee....

Chocolate Fondue

*isn't that scrumptious?lolz*

Look at that. Look at that!! It's Vanessa again..

Here we go..Dip. Dip. Dip.


Yeah..look at our three 'MUST HAVE' side dishes..yummy!

That's our Vivianne a.k.a. Kyra

The NOTORIOUS Vanessa Gan Wei Li

That's all we have for that day. It's a good place to chill though. Try them n you'll ask for MORE.
Another ADD-ON thing here. Look at the picture below.

When we were at Carl's Jr., i asked her "What brand is that?". She answered in a glamorous way.."You guess la.." Then i thought the bag will be something like MNG or whatever branded brand. Then she said "NOPE..You guess." i answered "GUESS?" She said NO again..and then u know what she said..? She said VINCCI! WTF man Van!! Then we both laugh like MAD as we walked out from Carl's Jr.


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